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Air ducts


Thermoengineering MPZ produces parts from sheet steel – professionally, quickly and efficiently. Most of the orders are for straight ducts and fittings for them for ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The company has its own manufacturing base for production of:

  • rectangular air ducts with integrated flange profile CGF1 20mm and 30mm galvanized steel with thickness 63, 0.82, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm;
  • fittings: elbows, transitions, tees and other fittings;
  • ventilation boxes;
  • dampers – rectangular and round;
  • splitter silencers;
  • external weather louvers, etc.

The production line from sheet metal for air ducts is equipped with modern and advanced machines, capable of high productive technologies in the development of air ducts:

  • Automated line for the production of air ducts, elements for air ducts, such as silencers, external weather louvers, boxes for ventilators, filters, dampers, etc. with DPC, by the English company FIRMAC. The line produces rectangular ribbed air ducts with integrated pressed sheet metal flange profile CGF1 20 mm and 30 mm, which provides maximum density of the air ducts in accordance with the standards HVAC-DW and SMAGNA;

  • Plasma machine with DPC for cutting details with any configuration of the German company – KINEX;
  • High-productive press brake with DPC for bending details of the German company -SCHRÖDER;
  • Complex machines with DPC for production of fittings and special parts of the German company – RAS;