Advance Business Center, Sofia


Air Cooled Chiller Carrier – 2 pcs. with total capacity 1 412 kW;
Air to Water Heat Pump Units Carrier – 2 pcs. with total cooling capacity 782 kW and heating capacity of 832 kW.
Dry cooler Carrier – 2 pcs. with total capacity 200 kW;
Fan coil units Carrier, 4-pipe system – 540 pcs.;
Air handling units Euroclima – 8 pcs. with rotary heat exchangers, air flow from 660 m³/h till 28 000 m³/h (total air flow 125 110 m³/h);
Ventilation system – 12 pcs. (garages with Jet Fan fans, stairs, elevators, offices, kitchen, toilet, etc. with air flow from 200 to 18 480 m³/h).


Detailed design, executive documentation, delivery and installation of equipment, construction of air ducts and piping systems, delivery and installation of BMS, commissioning, executive drawings.