Electronic equipment company ABB Bulgaria, Sevlievo



Water cooled chiller DAIKIN, with cooling capacity 1 396 kW;
Water cooling tower BALTIMORE, power 1 720 kW;
Installation of water treatment for water cooling tower Watec;
Water heating boiler HOVAL with heating capacity 1 450 kW;
Water heating boiler VIESSMANN with heating capacity 400 kW, pumps, expansion tanks;
Air conditioning apparats HOVAL for complete recirculation system
Hot air curtain HOVAL;
Installation of equipment ATLAS COPCO for compressed air Inatallation
Nitrogen system – nitrogen generator;
Ventilation systems – ventilators, dampers, grills;
Air-conditioners Daikin;
Air handling unit Damvent with recuperative heat exchanger, air flow 1 250 m³/h;
Chimneys System for Hot water Boilers;


Modernization of an existing enterprise for electronic equipment of ABB Avangard AD, Sevlievo.
Delivery and installation of HVAC equipment, including all types of construction and installation work.