A team of excellent trained and experienced engineers thoroughly examines, advises and offers the best energy-efficient solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as the appropriate automatic control. Our portfolio includes projects for residential, office and industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels, logistic centers and many others. In all phases of designing we strictly follow the technical rules, using modern software and equipment. We can offer also reengineering and optimization of already existing systems or projects.

 Our specialists in HVAC systems and automation develop projects that meet customer individual requirements for the following systems:

  • Residential and business HVAC systems;
  • HVAC systems with special requirements for hospitals, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Hot water boilers or steam boilers for the industry;
  • Geothermal and solar installations;
  • Close control systems for air-conditioning of Data Centers;
  • Hot water boilers for solid fuels, wooden pallets and pyrolytic boilers;

Automatic control systems and management of the above listed HVAC systems;


There are highly qualified specialists in Thermoengineering MPZ sales department, who are making offers, based on active consultations and finding the best solution for the client. We use the best possible pricing methods and technologies, which ensure competitive prices for the implementation of the projects. Individual approach to each client and follow the innovations in the industry. To ensure the quality of our end product, we deliver and install systems with equipment from world leading and proven manufacturers.   


Manufacturing base of Thermoengineering MPZ produces air ducts and a wide range of ventilation elements such as silencers, external weather louvers, boxes for ventilators, filters, dampers, etc. Have a production line for air ducts from sheet metal, equipped with modern and advanced machines, capable of high-tech manufacturing processes. The equipment consists of:

  • Automated production line for air ducts and ventilation elements;
  • Plasma machine with digital programmable control (DPC) for cutting details with any kind of configuration;
  • High-productive press brake with DPC;
  • Machines for production of fittings and special parts with DPC.

Installation, commissioning and service

The company has own installation groups. Has a whole set of professional tools for installation of HVAC systems. Thermoengineering MPZ has highly qualified and certified electrical-arc and argon welders and installers.
Our teams are equipped with appropriate devices for measuring and adjustment of air ducts systems and pipeline systems for heating and air conditioning; flow control valves from the company TA and IMI.

We offer professional sales and after-sales service for any type of HVAC system. Service staff of the company is composed of highly qualified engineers and service technicians, who have passed certification courses and procedures to perform commissioning and service of the relevant equipment.